Water feature garden ornaments for sale

Garden decoration is an elaborate process. People love to add statues, plaques or other items with zero functionality. Water feature comes for the request. Water features include decorative fountains and birdbaths. The stone base of such products has beautiful designs to compliment your decoration. Such functional and decorative garden water features are: –

Water Bearer Stone Fountain: This stone Fountain can be a centrepiece of your garden. Water Bearer Stone Fountain is made from weather-resistant material to save it from harsh weather. Moreover, it is available in two colour options, namely, Cotswold and amber. Such an addition to your garden will elevate the mood of the frame. Also, the base of the stone fountain is 9inhes and the total height is 3ft 11 inches

Daisy Stone Fountain: The Daisy stone fountain is not a huge water feature. The compact base of the stone fountain is only 1ft 9inches and the height is 1ft 10inches. This cute little Daisy stone fountain will be perfect for a corner seating arrangement in the garden. The floral structure of the handcrafted stone fountain is the ultimate winner as garden decor.

Pod Stone Fountain: The pod stone fountain is another compact water feature perfect for garden decoration. The base of this compact stone fountain is 9 inches and the height of the bud style structure and stone plinth together is 2ft. The pod stone fountain is again available in only two robust colour options namely aged Cotswold and burnt amber. 

Cupped Hands Stone Fountain: The intricately handcrafted Cupped Hands Stone Fountain is the perfect garden ornaments for sale for your water plants. You can add this stone fountain of only 1ft. beside any water planter. The all-weather Cupped Hands Stone Fountain does not have a pump or reservoir. You can either choose Cotswold or amber for your garden.

Meditating Buddha Stone Fountain: For an elaborate meditating spot in your garden, the stone fountain of Meditating Buddha is the perfect water feature. The Buddha statue of the stone fountain is 2ft 4 inches, including the base, which is 1ft 5 inches. Moreover, you get to choose either the burnt Amber or the aged Cotswold stone fountain. The meditative statue of the Buddha will be a compliment and induce calmness to your green corner. 

Babbling Basket Rainbow Sandstone Water Feature: The handcrafted sandstone water feature is the best example of contemporary water feature design. You must get the Babbling Basket Rainbow Sandstone Water Feature if you have a modern garden d├ęcor theme. The sandstone water feature is quite compact. The base of the contemporary fountain is 1ft 5inches and the height is 1ft 6inches.Small Lotus Stone Garden Planter: The Small Lotus Stone Garden Planter is a 16cm high stone piece that adds a statement to your space. It is a handcrafted basanite stone with intricate detailing that adds substance to your space. It can be used as a planter as well as a feature in your gardening area. This stone crafted piece is frost resistant. It is weather-resistant and hence is durable. The intricate detailing that goes on throughout its design makes it a beautiful piece.


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