The Top 5 Worst Boxers of All Time

Boxing is a tough sport that requires discipline, hard work, and an undying determination to win. Every boxer strives to become a legend in the sport, and only a select few manage to achieve that. However, for every great boxer, there are countless others who fall short, some of whom are so bad that they become infamous among the boxing community. In this article, we will take a look at the top 5 worst mma injuries, the ones who not only lost but managed to do so in the most embarrassing ways possible.

1. Butterbean

With a record of 77 wins and 10 losses, many would not consider Butterbean a bad boxer. However, his fights were not impressive, and he was known for his lumbering movements inside the ring. Butterbean had a huge presence in the ring, and there was no escaping his punches. He was slow, lacked technique, and had no defense. To add to the embarrassment, he was often seen wearing a tuxedo while fighting. Butterbean seemed more like a novelty act than a serious boxer.

2. Audley Harrison

Audley Harrison is an Olympic gold medalist, and yet, he struggled terribly as a professional boxer. He was slow, clumsy, and had no punching power or accuracy. Despite his many attempts to improve his technique, he always seemed to lack the necessary skills. In his most notable fight against David Haye, he lasted a mere three rounds before being knocked out. Many consider him the worst heavyweight boxer of all time.

3. Frank Bruno

Frank Bruno was a British heavyweight boxer with a record of 40 wins and 5 losses, but his reputation was built on his losses. He was known for having a glass jaw and was knocked out in three of his five losses. One of his most embarrassing moments was when Mike Tyson knocked him out in the third round after he had talked a lot of trash before the fight. Bruno seemed to lack the necessary toughness that is required to be a great boxer.

4. Leon Spinks

Leon Spinks was an Olympic gold medalist and the former heavyweight champion of the world. Despite his impressive achievements, he was a terrible boxer. He was constantly out of shape and had terrible technique. He lacked the necessary speed and power to compete with other heavyweight boxers. He was knocked out in the first round by Mike Tyson, and that pretty much summed up his career.

5. Enzo Maccarinelli

Enzo Maccarinelli was a British cruiserweight boxer who had a good record of 41 wins and 9 losses. However, his reputation as a bad boxer came from his fights against lesser-known opponents. Maccarinelli was considered to be a fierce puncher, but he was also considered to be chinny, which meant that he was susceptible to knockouts. He had a terrible defense and was often reckless in the ring. In his most notable fight against David Haye, he was knocked out in the second round.


Boxing is a tough sport that requires skill, precision, and a lot of heart. The boxers on this list failed to deliver on all fronts despite their attempts to do so. Their lack of technique, lack of mettle and subpar fighting acumen ensured that they not only lost but did so in spectacular fashion. It is perhaps a testament to the greatness of the sport that even the worst boxers of all time managed to capture our imaginations for some fleeting moments.


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