The Complete Guide to Finding the Best Solar Film for Home Windows in Singapore

 With the negative effects our daily lifestyle has on the environment, people have turned to eco-friendly alternatives when it comes to their daily activities. One of them is solar film, an effective way to save energy and protect your home from harmful UV rays. It is important to choose the right solar film for your home, so we’ve put together a guide to help you find the best solar film for home windows singapore.

1. Consider the Shades

When looking for solar film for your home windows, you must consider the different shades available. Solar films come in a range of shades from light to dark, with varying levels of solar energy rejection. The darker the shade the film, the higher the heat will be rejected. It may also impact the visibility of your home’s interior to the outside, so consider a shade that is suitable for your privacy needs.

2. UV Protection

The primary function of solar film is to protect your home from harmful UV rays. The best solar films should be able to block out at least 99% of UV radiation. This will not only protect your skin, but it will also prevent your furniture and flooring from fading due to prolonged exposure to the sun.

3. Heat Rejection

Living in Singapore means dealing with a consistently hot and humid climate. Solar films must have the ability to block out a considerable amount of heat to make your home more comfortable. Consider films that have high levels of solar energy rejection for maximum heat reduction.

4. Reflection Control

When installing solar film on your home windows, it is important to keep the neighbours in mind. It’s essential to consider whether the film reflects outwardly and disturbs the peace of the neighbourhood. Find solar films that do not have high reflectivity and that comply with regulations set in place by authorities in Singapore.

5. Durability

Finally, you should look for solar films that are made of durable materials suited for the hot and humid weather in Singapore. It is crucial to invest in a high-quality solar film that is long-lasting and can withstand the intensity of the sun for many years to come.


Finding the best solar film for home windows in Singapore can be overwhelming. With these considerations in mind, you can narrow down your search and choose a solar film that best suits your needs. Ensure that you’re making an informed purchase by consulting with a professional and reputable solar film installer to guarantee that your home stays cool, eco-friendly, and allows you to enjoy the stunning views of Singapore through the window.


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