Shoulder holster and its requirement

Shoulder holsters are available in different styles. The style which would suit you depends on the type of holsters you would prefer to use. Read this article to know more about holsters. Holsters are used to carry firearms from one place to another.

Detective Carry Shoulder Holster

Detective carry shoulder is of a very minimalistic design with a simple structure. It is hand molded and sets back on a Shoulder holsters leather harness that keeps it safe and securely tied. If you want to carry your handgun for a long day out, the detective carries shoulder holster will be the perfect choice for you.

This is a no-nonsense solution and you will get to the point design. If you do not like the design pre-set by the Patrick website, you can also customize it. Customized holsters might be slightly costlier than regular holsters.

The reason for customized holsters being costly is a new design has to be created and then implemented. To perform these tasks, a team has to constantly be guided. This is the reason why customized shoulder holsters are a bit costlier as compared to the other holsters.

Double Shoulder Holster System

In the double shoulder holster system, there are two compartments available. In the first compartment, you can store your firearm and in the second compartment, you can store the reloads. This is preferred by people who have to constantly use the firearms and reload them for a second-time use.

Army’s prefer the double shoulder holsters as it reduces the number of pockets required to carry reloads. If the detective carry holster is carried by the army personnel’s, then they will again have to carry the reloads separately which creates a hassle in time of need.

To avoid such situations, you can invest in the best double shoulder quality holster. To book one for yourself, visit the Patrick website. You can place your order in a few easy simple steps. Read the next section to know how you should buy holsters from the website.

How to buy Holsters from Patrick’s website?

You can buy holsters from Patrick’s website by logging in to the website. You will be asked whether you require customized Shoulder holsters or simple and regular ones. If you want a customized one, it might take a few weeks as they need to get the exact design suggested by you.

If you order a holster whose design is already available, it might get delivered to you the next day too. If not, it might take a few working days. Do not be worried as Patrick’s considers the customers with utmost importance. They will try their best to deliver your product before the scheduled delivery date.


As we have come to the end of this article, we have read about holsters and the process of buying a shoulder holster from Patrick’s website. We have also read about the two different types of holsters that are available readily, namely, detective shoulder holster and double shoulder holster system.


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