Revamp your Bathroom with an All-Hung Wash Basin

Your bathroom is your retreat, where you rejuvenate and refresh yourself for the day, or unwind before going to bed. Therefore, it deserves to be a personalised space reflecting your style and taste. Among several options to upgrade its aesthetics, an all-hung wash basin is trending for its minimal and elegant look. It not only saves floor space but also makes cleaning easier. This blog post will take you through all you need to know about an wall hung wash basin, its advantages, and how to choose the perfect one for your bathroom.

What is an all-hung washbasin?

An all-hung wash basin is a type of washbasin anchored to the wall with no support from underneath, leaving the floor below free. These types of counters are hung from the wall, and the plumbing is concealed behind it or hidden in the wall. They come in various shapes, sizes, colours and materials like ceramic, glass, solid surface and even metal.

Advantages of an all-hung washbasin in your bathroom

One of the biggest advantages of an all-hung washbasin is that it saves floor space, which makes the bathroom look bigger. Additionally, the basin floating in the air gives an illusion of spaciousness, which makes it ideal for small bathrooms. Moreover, cleaning below and around the sink becomes easy, resulting in hygienic bathroom surroundings. The open space below the washbasin also serves as storage space for bathroom necessities like towels, toilet paper or any other cleaning aid.

How to choose the perfect all-hung washbasin?

An all-hung washbasin is available in several shapes and sizes, so choosing the perfect one for your bathroom can be challenging. The factors you need to consider before finalising are bathroom size, material, depth, and accessories. If you have a small bathroom, it’s better to invest in a compact and simple design, or you can go for a sleek and contemporary one with a bowl-shaped basin for a luxurious look. It would be best if you also considered the material of your sink as different materials have different maintenance requirements. If you want to accessorise your sink, you can opt for a minimalistic design featuring in-built soap dishes and towel holders.


An all-hung washbasin installation must be carried out by a professional to avoid any mishap. There are several technicalities associated with the installation process, like proper drilling on the wall, correct position for plumbing entrances, correct height from the floor, etc. Therefore, it’s better to leave the installation process to a professional and experience plumber.


The bathroom is an intimate place, and a considerable makeover can bring a whole new vibe to your living space. All-hung washbasins have become a trendy design feature due to their minimalistic and elegant look, and they come with several benefits like space-saving, easy cleaning and maintenance, and ample floor space to store bathroom utilities. However, before investing in one, you must consider the bathroom size, materials, and accessories, and let professionals handle the installation to ensure everything is perfect. Upgrade your bathroom style with an all-hung washbasin and enjoy the luxury of sleek design and space-saving functionality.


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