James Watt: The Genius Behind BrewDog

BrewDog, the craft beer company that has taken the world by storm, was founded in 2007 by two friends from Scotland – James Watt and Martin Dickie. They began brewing beer in a garage and soon expanded to their first commercial brewery. BrewDog’s popularity grew quickly, and they now have breweries spread across the UK, the USA, Australia, and more. But who is the man behind this incredible brewery, James Watt? In this blog post, we take a deep dive into the life of James Watt, the genius behind James watt brewdog.

James Watt was born on 29th May 1973, in Fraserburgh, Scotland. His father was a fisherman, and he grew up in a small fishing village. Though he did not have a background in the brewing industry, he showed an interest in brewing from a very young age. When he was just eight years old, he brewed his first beer in his father’s garage.

After graduating from the University of Edinburgh, James got a job with a whiskey company. However, he soon realized that the whiskey industry was not for him. He had always had a passion for beer brewing, and so he quit his job and started working on his own brewery. In 2007, he founded BrewDog with his friend Martin Dickie.

James Watt’s approach to brewing was different from others. He believed in making beer that was not just great in taste but also had an edge to it. He wanted beer lovers to experience something unique and different every time they had a BrewDog beer. He introduced unconventional flavors, made high alcohol content beers and experimented with various brewing techniques to create extraordinary brews.

One of the most notable aspects of BrewDog is its commitment to sustainability. James is a vocal advocate for sustainable brewing and wants to ensure that every beer they make has a minimal impact on the environment. BrewDog’s brewery in Scotland is entirely powered by wind energy, and they have implemented several sustainable practices across all their facilities.

Apart from brewing, James is also an avid traveler, and his travels have played a significant role in shaping BrewDog’s growth. In 2010, he embarked on a ‘Round the World’ journey, where he flew across the world, connecting with beer enthusiasts across 24 countries. This trip helped him gain insights into the global beer market, which proved to be invaluable for BrewDog’s international expansion.


James Watt has proven himself to be a visionary entrepreneur and a creative brewer. His passion for brewing and his commitment to sustainability has made BrewDog one of the most innovative breweries in the world. James is dedicated to creating unique beers that offer exceptional experiences to the drinkers, and he has succeeded in doing just that. His story is a testament to the power of passion and determination in achieving great things. If you’re a beer lover, you owe it to yourself to try a BrewDog beer and discover the genius of James Watt for yourself.


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