How does an e-cigarette work?

Vaping VS Smoking

Smoking is the process of inhaling the toxic smoke coming as a result of burning a cigarette made of tobacco. The presence of addictive chemicals along with tobacco is causing smokers to do it consistently and making them unable to quit smoking. On the other hand, vaping is also a process similar to that of smoking where you will inhale nicotine, the addictive component present in traditional cigarettes. But a vape will be a battery-powered device that will help you create an aerosol by heating a liquid. Scientists claim that there may be a few toxic chemicals present in vapes when compared to tobacco cigarettes. So, you can consider vaping slightly harmless than cigarettes. However, vaping has its ways of hurting your body. You can buy e-juice online in canada from a vape shop or through retailers if any. The presence of additional flavors and the absence of smoke and smell of the traditional tobacco cigarettes are making it more popular among the youths to vape instead of smoking. Some are also considering switching to vaping from tobacco as they think it is less harmful. However, it is necessary to know how does an e-cigarette works to confirm to use it. In this article, let us discuss the working of an e-cigarette in brief. 

Working of an e-cigarette

To understand the working of an e-cigarette, you have to know the components that makeup one. There will be three basic components inside a vape pipe. A lithium battery that you can charge like a mobile battery would be helping with the power for the activation of the electronic components present inside the vaporization chamber. Inside the vaporization chambers, the atomizer will vaporize the e-liquid that will come from the cartridge you attach. The process is as follows,

  • You will power up the lithium battery and check for the condition of the vape pipe. 
  • You should attach the cartridge filled with the e-liquid that will contain nicotine along with other chemicals. 
  • Depending on the type of vape, your activation process will vary.
  • If your vape pipe is of switch type, you should trigger the switch to start the vaporization process.
  • You should simply inhale to activate an inhale-activation type of vape. 
  • Once the vaporization process starts, the e-liquid will get atomized by the atomizer and will convert into an aerosol.
  • There will be an LED light indicator at the other end of the vape to indicate that the pipe is in activation. 
  • You can inhale the aerosol using the mouthpiece. 
  • No smoke or smell will be there during the process. 

Conclusion A vaping device will make use of a battery and other electronic components to vaporize the flavored liquid to give you the desired nicotine without any smoke. So, vaping is an alternate form of inhaling nicotine, and it is not entirely harmless. However, it would not show serious effects as a traditional cigarette will do. It is advisable to choose a better brand to avoid health effects. 


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