flaktcomp Industrial Fan: Keeping Industries Going

The industrial world is one of the most demanding industries worldwide. Operating heavy machinery for hours on end, under harsh environmental conditions, industrial products need reliable, robust, and efficient tools. The Flaktcomp industrial fan has been designed to address these challenges. From exhaust ventilation, fume extraction, air supply, and cleanroom applications, the Flaktcomp industrial fan is in the business of keeping industries going. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Flaktcomp Industrifläktar the preferred choice for industries worldwide.

Powerful and efficient – Flaktcomp industrial fans meet the requirements of any industrial application. Not only are they designed to operate seamlessly but also provide maximum performance at minimal operating costs. The flaktcomp industrial fan range includes axial fans, centrifugal fans, and plug fans, to name a few. All variants of flaktcomp industrial fans come with customizable motor and impeller options, making them suitable for any industrial application. In addition, with more than 60 years of experience in developing industrial fans, the Flaktcomp industrial fan range has proven to be the most trustworthy and reliable.

Silent and eco-friendly – The flaktcomp industrial fan range is designed to be operationally silent, protecting workers’ hearing and ensuring a safe working environment. In addition, the Flaktcomp industrial fan is energy efficient, reducing carbon footprints and saving energy. Flaktcomp products have been designed to meet modern sustainability requirements and are the perfect solution for environmentally conscious industries.

Low maintenance – One of Flaktcomp’s unique selling points is how they reduce downtime, ensuring that the production process is always running. Flaktcomp designs incorporate features such as a split impeller, which allows for easy maintenance, reducing downtime in case of impeller replacement. Additionally, Flaktcomp’s industrial fan range is designed for long service life, resulting in low maintenance costs and higher savings.

Customizable – Flaktcomp’s industrial fan range can be customized to suit specific customer requirements. From different material options, corrosion-resistant features to noise-reducing mechanisms, Flaktcomp industrial fans are built to provide solutions to any industrial needs.

Global reach – Flaktcomp is a global supplier of industrial fans present in over 20 countries worldwide. With regional offices and service centers globally, Flaktcomp ensures that your industrial fans’ needed support is never out of reach. The customer service team at Flaktcomp is dedicated to providing you with the best support throughout the product life cycle.


The Flaktcomp industrial fan range has been designed to meet the challenges of modern industrial applications, providing high performance, low maintenance, and efficient solutions. These industrial fans offer unmatched reliability, adjusted specifically to suit any industrial application. With its component configurator, industry experience, and readily available technical support across the globe, it’s no wonder why Flaktcomp is the go-to for industries worldwide. Choose Flaktcomp Industrial Fans to improve your operations, increase profits, and let the fans keep your production running.


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