Exploring the Best Medium Alternatives: Platforms for Diverse Content

Medium is a platform that gained popularity in the past years as a space for writers to share their content and get exposed to a wider audience. However, With Medium introducing its “metered paywall,” writers are now searching for alternatives that are more profitable and provides more functionalities. In this article, we will take a closer look and give you an overview of Medium alternatives.

1. Substack

Substack is a relatively new platform that enables writers to build their email list and monetize their content. Substack offers a low-tech approach that allows writers to publish their articles and charge their readers for subscriptions. You can use Substack’s integrations to customize your email delivery settings. Moreover, the stats dashboard provides a detailed view of reader engagement and monetization.

2. Ghost

Ghost is another platform that entrepreneurs can use as a blogging alternative to Medium. Ghost is open-source software, making it flexible and customizable for your needs. Ghost’s features involve membership management, free SSL certification, payment processing using the Stripe API, and email newsletters. With Ghost being an open-source software, you can quickly get technical assistance from the community, which lowers maintenance expense for software updates.

3. WordPress.com

If you’re looking for a reputable platform for blogging, then WordPress.com could be the Medium alternative for you. At WordPress, you can earn revenue through ads or product promotions. WordPress is a user-friendly platform with no hidden fees and offers various customizable templates and layouts.

4. Vocal Media

With Vocal Media, you can write about various topics with potential exposure to a greater audience. Vocal Media pays every content creator on their platform based on how many post views they receive. If you prefer to be in a community where you can share ideas with other writers, then Vocal Media is perfect for you. Vocal Media has a supportive community feature where you can communicate with a group of writers who are willing to share their tips and strategies with others.

5. Ghost.io

Ghost.io is a platform that has a straightforward interface that is easy to use. Ghost.io also has a built-in SEO feature that can help your work rank higher on search rankings. Ghost.io only charges based on unique views on your articles and provides easy access to analytics and traffic reports.


In conclusion, Medium Alternatives come in various forms and features with less limitation on monetization and customization. SubStack is ideal for email-based newsletters; Ghost offers various payment processing, and WordPress is perfect for advertising. Vocal Media is excellent for the supportive community they have and Ghost.io for their SEO feature. Ultimately, as a writer, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of these platforms and align them with your goals.


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