Discovering the best tattoo shops in Miami Beach

Miami Beach is not only known for its beaches, nightlife and food but also, for being home to some of the best tattoo shops in the world. With many talented and creative artists calling this paradise home, where do you start to find the right artist for the design you’ve always wanted to get? In this article, we will take you on a journey to explore the Best tattoos Miami Beach so you can walk out with a permanent piece of art that is truly unique and reflects your style.

1. Love Hate Tattoo Studio:

Love Hate Tattoo Studio is the most famous tattoo shop in Miami Beach. It was made famous by the TV show, “Miami Ink” and is home to some of the most talented tattoo artists. The artists here have a vast range of expertise, including realistic tattoos, watercolors, and geometric tattoos. Their prices range from $200 up, depending on the design, size, and time it takes to do the tattoo.

2. Salvation Tattoo Lounge:

If you’re looking for more of an upscale tattoo experience, look no further than Salvation Tattoo Lounge. It is located on Lincoln Road, a great place to shop and take in the city’s sights. The artists here specialize in large, intricate tattoos, or cover-ups. The price is higher than Love Hate Tattoo Studio, but the work is worth it. Prices here range from $500 up.

3. Tattoos by Lou:

Tattoos by Lou is known to be one of the oldest running tattoo shops in the States. Lou Sciberras has been tattooing for over six decades and has passed the tradition down to his son, Lou Jr, and a small team of talented artists. All are experts in traditional tattooing styles such as American traditional, Japanese traditional, and black and gray tattoos. Their prices range from $150 up.

4. Ocho Placas Tattoo Company:

Ocho Placas Tattoo Company is another one of Miami Beach’s excellent shops. It was opened in 2005 by Sushi, who has been a professional tattoo artist since the ’80s. The shop features a team of talented artists specializing in black and gray tattoos, portraits, and graffiti-style tattoos. Their prices are determined by the size and complexity of the design.

5. Miami Tattoo Co:

Miami Tattoo Co is a clean studio that provides custom tattooing services by its skilled artists. It is perfect for those who are looking for a more personable experience. Their prices range anywhere from $50 up, depending on the time and size of the design. One of the perks of getting inked here is you get free touch-ups on your tattoos for life.

Conclusion: Whether you’re looking for a small, delicate tattoo or a full-body masterpiece, Miami Beach has the best tattoo artists that can create a design that will not only last a lifetime but also reflect your personal style. All the shops listed above have a great reputation and offer excellent quality work. Research is key when it comes to something as important as a tattoo, so we suggest visiting shops in person, talking to the artists, and checking out their portfolios before booking an appointment. Happy Tattooing!


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