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 Staying up-to-date with the latest news is crucial in today’s fast-paced world. But when it comes to regional news, accessing current news in a language that you are comfortable with may not be as easy. That’s where Kannada news comes in. If you are someone who prefers to stay updated with local news in Kannada, then this article is for you. In this blog post, we will explore the best sources of Today kannada news.

TV Channels:

Watching news on TV in the Kannada language is the most convenient option for most people. The most popular Kannada news channels are TV9 Karnataka, Suvarna News, BTV News, Public TV, and Samaya News. These channels offer news in various categories like politics, sports, entertainment, and more. They also have dedicated reporters covering regional news, which makes them even more reliable.


The traditional medium of Kannada news is newspapers, and they continue to be popular among readers. The most widely read and reliable Kannada newspapers are Prajavani, Vijay Karnataka, Kannada Prabha, Udayavani, and Samyukta Karnataka. These newspapers offer daily news updates, feature stories, and editorials that cover the state’s current affairs, local stories, politics, and more.

News Websites:

The digital age has transformed the way we consume news. Kannada news websites like Kannada Prabha, Udayavani, Vijay Karnataka, Webdunia Kannada, and Kannada News 18 are gaining immense popularity. These websites offer breaking news, live updates, and multimedia content covering various topics. They also have mobile applications that provide push notifications for top stories.

Social Media:

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have become crucial sources of news for many people. Today, many Kannada news channels, newspapers, and websites have their official pages on these platforms. Following these pages or subscribing to a YouTube channel provides access to updated news and alerts on your social media feeds.

Radio Channels:

Radio is another great source of Kannada news, especially for those who prefer the audio medium. Some of the well-known Kannada radio news channels are Radio City Kannada, Fever FM Kannada, Big FM Kannada, and AIR Kannada. These channels offer hourly news updates along with other programs that cover current affairs, politics, sports, and entertainment.


Keeping yourself updated with today’s news is essential, and Kannada news sources provide a simple and effective way to stay in the loop. Whether you prefer to watch news on TV, read newspapers, or stay up to date digitally, there are plenty of options available in the Kannada language. With the sources mentioned in this article, you can stay informed about local, national, and international news in Kannada with ease.


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