Surprising facts regarding placing the wrong fuel in a car

Everyone knows that to put the wrong fuel in the car is problematic. But what you might not be knowing is that, to put petrol in the diesel car could end up having serious consequences before you begin the engine. Or that it is able to occur more often as compared to what you imagine even if you are an expert?

If you think it can never happen to you or it is not a big deal, the following are some of the facts about placing the wrong fuel in the car from experts at wrong fuel near me  which might just surprise you:

Don’t unlock your car

Majority of the motorists do know that, if they place petrol in a diesel tank by mistake, then they don’t have to start the engine. But you might not be knowing that, even to unlock your car might end up causing damages.

To put the car key in the ignition will end up priming the fuel pump, contaminating whatever components. Also, the modern diesel cars do have a feature for pre-ignition which is found in the unlocking system that reduces the time taken for the engine to be able to warm up. It normally sets off immediately you unlock the diesel car.

Most people decide to drive away

Even though they become aware of the mistake they make, most people drive away from the pumps; just because of being too embarrassed, you should avoid doing it. Better have a red face than having to spend a thousand dollars damages which is likely to happen if you don’t end up acting immediately.

Mistakes are also made by police

In line with misfueling, some of the worst offenders are police. As per the a survey carried out in 2015, about $400000 got spend in repair bills which were caused by police officers who made mistakes while at the pump.

It is a mistake which is quite common

To misfuel does occur every minute, which is about 400 times daily. As per the AA, each year about 150000 motorist ends up placing petrol in a diesel car.

It will not be covered by your insurance

At the moment, there are certain insurance companies that do cover to pay for the cost of cleaning and draining your fuel tank in case you stick at the petrol station. If you have driven away already, it is not covered as majority of the insurance companies consider it to be negligent. And thus, if you realize your mistake, it is best to stay put.

It is possible to get immediate help You don’t have to panic. You can go ahead and call the Wrong fuel SOS recovery service which is readily available 24/7. They have an average response time of about 40 minutes and their specialists are engineers for wrong fuel, draining and flushing the system and having you back on the road within the shortest time possible.


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