Read This Before Purchasing 7 8-dihydroxyflavone powder

When it comes to buying a certain type of medical supplement in the market, whether it be physical or online, you have to know the classification of the grade of the supplement you are going to buy. Not only that you have to check the functions and effectiveness of the supplement, but you also have to make sure that the grade will be highly suitable for you.

Some supplements grade is not intended for human consumption, such as the agricultural grade. And there are also supplements that do not have that much level of concentration in the main ingredient, which could affect the level of its effectiveness. But if there is one grade that has the best level of concentration, whose component is closest to being pure, it is the pharmaceutical-grade supplement.

What Being Pharmaceutical-Grade Means

This refers to the grade of medical supplements that are made in such a way to come up with the purest form of a certain nutrient or ingredient, that should be at least 99%, as well as to ensure the highest level of absorption of such nutrient. Despite being the highest in purity percentage, there has never been a supplement that is 100% pure, due to the addition of other substances.

For a medical supplement to be classified as a pharmaceutical-grade, it must be tested to exceed 99% of purity in its main component. Aside from that, there must not be any other substances such as fillers, binders, excipients, or dyes.

Due to the fact that producing and testing supplements of such grade has high regulatory requirements, there are only less than 3% of medical products in the market that fall under this grade, one of which is 7 8-dihydroxyflavone powder.

Why Pharmaceutical-Grade Products Make You Feel Better

What makes pharmaceutical-grade supplements the best grades of medical products are their advantages in terms of bioavailability and purity.

For a supplement to achieve its function in the body and create a therapeutic effect as well, the nutrients or components contained in the supplements must be absorbed into the bloodstream, and the degree of how much they can be absorbed is referred to as bioavailability.

The way on how the supplements are manufactured will create some differences in terms of bioavailability, but pharmaceutical-grade products like 7 8-dihydroxyflavone powder are made in the most accredited pharmaceutical companies that follow the highest and strictest standards they are required to follow to attain the highest purity and bioavailability needed in such supplements.

Supplements that are classified in this grade are not the same as the ones classified in other grades, even if they have the same function and component type. The main difference they have from other grades has something to do with the level of purity and quality. As what was mentioned before, no supplement is 100% in the purity of the component. But pharmaceutical-grade products are crafted to have the highest percentage of purity among all grades, at 99%, and could even be exceeded without going to 100%. They have no other ingredients mixed in other than the main one itself.


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