Facts About period undies: Women Must Know!

When you take a look at period undies you will probably say that it’s like normal underwear for women but honestly, it is much more than that. Period undies are designed for women to be worn during menstruation periods to give a more comfortable feeling compared to tampons, napkins and other products use during menses. There are many brands of period undies you can search online and most of them use a special material to increase the absorption level and also increase the comfortability of women using these. Below, are the facts that most women are curious about:

It Has Varied Designs And Cuts

The same with the common underwear for women, period undies are also like modern panties. Aside from its good absorption ability, it also has different amazing designs and cuts to give women pleasure when it comes to their looks. To assure that the tight feeling of these period undies, the fabric used has the elasticity that maintains the comfortability fit. Here are the following designs and cuts: bikini shapes, tanga, waist briefs, with tip, boy shorts, hipsters, bikini shape, mesh briefs, and high waist briefs. With these, women are attracted to its modern styles.

The Materials Used For The Period Undies

Period undies use high-end cotton that is from organic products which gives the fabric elasticity that results in comfortability. The absorbent pads inside are made of four unique materials to allow the moisture of the blood flow to avoid such irritability.

The Cleaning Process

In most brands of period undies, they don’t recommend hand washing because rubbing its fabric made damage the fibers present on the absorbent pads. Here are the cleaning process recommended by many brands:

Step 1: The soaking and rinsing

After removing the period underwear, rinse it with cold water to lose the blood particles inside the absorption pads then put it directly into the washing machine or hang it up to dry.

Step 2: The washing machine

As mentioned above, period undies are advised to be cleaned using a washing machine. After rinsing, the machine at a 40 degree cleans the deeper blood left after rinsing. Also, you can choose what degree you can have in washing it.

Step 3: The dryer

According to most brands of period undies, too much heat coming from dryers has a bad effect on the absorption pads and their elasticity effect that is why undies should be air-dried not for dryers.

Step 4: The iron

This part is not essential because the fabric used for these products won’t cause too many wrinkles after washing, it is expected to be smoothed but if you insist to iron it then you should refrain from yourself as a way of protecting the quality of your period undies.

Conclusion Honestly, period undies are one of the amazing alternatives for menstruation periods. You just have to pick the best quality of period undies to rest assured of your health and your money since it is costly especially when it’s your initial purchase.


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