Explore the Best English Schools in Los Angeles for International Students

Los Angeles is a thriving and bustling city, attracting students from all over the world who want to learn English. English schools in Los Angeles boast some of the most comprehensive and engaging programs in the world, promising to turn non-native speakers into fluent English speakers in no time at all. This article is a guide to the best English school in Los Angeles  for international students. Whether you’re looking for a program that is intense or more laid back, or have a tighter budget, you’ll find something suitable in this article.

UCLA Extension American Language Center:

The UCLA Extension American Language Center offers full-time and part-time programs for international students. This program focuses on improving your spoken and written English while introducing you to American culture. It is a 10-week program, and classes are held throughout the year. If you’re looking for an affordable program, this is a great option to consider.

USC International Academy:

The USC International Academy is a popular option among international students wanting to learn English. The program is designed to prepare non-native English speakers for academic programs in the United States. The academy offers a six-level program, and the emphasis is on the development of writing, reading, and speaking skills. The academy also provides students with a free online course to supplement their learning.

Education First Language School:

The Education First Language School is known for its interactive classes and highly skilled teachers. The school offers a variety of programs, including general English, executive English, and customized programs. The customized programs can be geared towards your specific needs, such as improving your business English.

Kaplan International English:

The Kaplan International English school has over 40 locations around the world, including two locations in Los Angeles. This English school offers intensive and super-intensive English programs. The super-intensive program is designed for students who wish to learn English quickly. The school also offers a wide range of activities outside the classroom, such as field trips, sports, and cultural events.

Language Systems International:

Language Systems International is another excellent option for international students. The school offers a comprehensive English language program that includes grammar, reading, writing, and listening. The program is designed for students of all levels, and the classes are taught by experienced and highly trained teachers. The school also offers flexible schedules, which is ideal if you’re working or have other commitments.


Los Angeles is home to some of the best English schools in the world, and international students have many options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for an intensive program, a program that is more laid back, or a customized program to meet your specific needs, the English schools on offer in Los Angeles will deliver. With affordable options and highly skilled teachers, there is no excuse not to start learning English in Los Angeles.


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