A Guide to the World of Gin Bar Signs

Gin has been an integral part of the world of spirits for centuries and has been the base for many classic cocktails. The popularity of gin has led to an increase in the number of gin bars, and the best ones always have quirky and unique signs hanging outside. Gin bar signs reflect the spirit and personality of the establishment, and they offer a glimpse into the type of atmosphere you can expect inside. In this blog post, we’ll take a tour of the different types of Gin Bar signs, their history, meaning, and what makes them so special.

Generally, gin bar signs have a vintage feel and are frequently styled in an art-deco format. These signs appeared in the United States during the prohibition era when drinkers needed hints and clues to know where they could find a drink. In Brooklyn, one newly opened gin bar called Clover Club was where the very first gin joint sign was mounted. Shortly thereafter, gin bar signs became popular all over the country, with each sign having a unique symbol or code word.

The classic gin sign features the word “Gin” in large, bold letters and is usually embossed. While this style may seem classic and straightforward, the design is still relevant because consumers are drawn to clear communication. The typical look of a gin sign has evolved to include images of classic gin cocktails like the Gin and Tonic or Martini, with large bright lights drawing attention to the establishment.

Some gin bar signs are unassuming, reflecting the original origins of gin during its introduction to Europe. A small, wooden sign featuring a graphic of the key ingredients of gin is a minimalistic approach that echoes gin’s early days when it was consumed primarily for medicinal purposes. The style is classy and restrained, ideal for a night out where high-quality gin is served in a calming and relaxing environment.

If you ever want to visit a gin bar in London, the Beefeater gin sign stands out and is immediately recognizable. The design consists of a spotted tower and cask holding the famous Beefeater logo. The sign’s design reflects the heritage of gin and gives the perfect nod to this iconic British brand. The Beefeater Gin Sign is a classic symbol of timeless quality spirit with a style unmistakably British.

The unique thing about gin bar signs is that they are not only a piece of art, but they also have a practical function; it lets you know what kind of establishment it is. The more playful the sign, the more fun and lively, the more classy, classic, simple the sign, the more relaxed and refined, and the more eccentric the design, the more fun and crazy the atmosphere is. Overall, gin bar signs give patrons a small glimpse of a gin bar’s character and charm, and it adds excitement and curiosity to any night out.


Gin bar signs are an incredibly significant detail in the world of gin bars. No matter the design and style, signs always highlight the charm and character of the establishment. In some instances, they can even become an icon that helps attract new customers. Design plays an important role in a gin bar’s DNA and is often the deciding factor for curious gin enthusiasts. If you are a gin fan, the next time you step into a gin bar, take a closer look at the sign above and count yourself amidst the history and iconic culture of gin.


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